Bali Green Project

Bali Green Project

Bali, more than just a glorious travel destination.

Bali supports more than 3.1 milion residents and estimated 5.4 milion travelers this year, alone. This proves to be tiring on the infrastucture and the precious natural resources of this beatiful island. For most people, this is a huge challenge: as we take planes, use automobiles and motor bikes, have/buy/export wood furniture and accessories, use plastic in bottles or bags, have swiming pools, eat imported foods, travel long distances and throw away all sorts of garbage and rubbish. Looking for innovative ways to meet these challenges is paramount, while being cognizant of the economic, social and cultural realities we face.

Join the project to preserve the islands natural resources by giving responsible hotels, tours, shops, organizations and individuals your business. Commit to being carbon neutral and make a differences in the world and Bali! Visit or live in Bali with more respect for the environment and the people, and help keep Bali beautiful for generations to come!

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